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  • Plugin One.1 Destiny 2

    Plug One.1


    Plug One.1   The Plug One.1 is a legendary fusion rifle that is from the original Destiny. This legendary weapon can be farmed in The Nightfall Ordeal for god rolls. It’s one of the 3 new Nightfall exclusive weapons which rotate on a 3 week basis.   There is an Adept version of the Plug…

  • Null composure destiny 2

    Null Composure


    Null Composure   The new Null Composure fusion rifle is obtained by doing many playlist activities such as strikes, crucible, and gambit. The quest is called A Sacred Fusion which you pick up from the gunsmith.   You gain more progress while using a solar fusion rifle to get kills. This quest only has 2…

  • Vex Mythoclast

    Vex Mythoclast


    Vex Mythoclast   Along with Vault of Glass, the Vex Mythoclast is also returning. This is the raid exotic that drops from Atheon the final boss. We will farm the Atheon checkpoint until the weapon drops. This can take several weeks as it is rare and will take time. You need to have 3 guardians…

  • Challenge Tiers in Expeditions

    Challenge Tiers


    Challenge Tiers Challenge Tiers help you get better loot in Outriders. Each time you level up you get a higher drop percentage for legendary and epic gear. We will unlock each challenge tier from 1-15 for you. Service: Unlock Challenge Tiers 1-15 on the class of choice.   Requirements: You need to have the campaign…

  • Outriders Expeditions



    Expeditions   Expeditions in Outriders is considered the end game and has the best loot. As of now, we are just offering services for Challenge Tier 15. The rewards for CT15 have a 25% Legendary and 75% Epic drop chance. Also, all gear drops at level 50. This does not include the Eye of the…

  • Gambit Ranks

    Gambit Ranks


    Gambit Ranks   Gambit Ranks start from Guardian 1 and go all the way up to Legend. Gambit is an activity combining PVE and Crucible into one. We will boost you to any rank that you are trying to reach. Choose how many infamy points you need between 7,500 and 15,000. If you need a…

  • Override


    Override   Override is the new 6 man activity featured this season.  This will be a mission like the Menagerie for example with similar loot, triumphs, and more. These activities usually feature a heroic mode. Mithrax from the fallen is back and we will be exploring the Vex Network.   Rewards are not yet known…

  • Expunge


    Expunge   Expunge is the new weekly pinnacle mission for the Season of The Splicer. Rewards are to be determined. You will likely get a pinnacle engram. The 1st mission will be released on June 1st. We will update this when we know more. Requirements: Power level (TBD) Options:  “Account Recovery” 

  • Vault of Glass Raid

    Vault of Glass


    Vault of Glass   The Vault of Glass is returning with some of the original Destiny Weapons. We don’t have all the details just yet on all the loot included In this raid as of now. There are challenges and triumphs also. Day one triumphs are not guaranteed as we want to clear the raid…

  • Sale! outriders campaign



    Campaign   We specialize in getting loot in the best looter shooters out there. Completing the Outriders campaign is a good way to power level, unlock skills, and get ready for expeditions. Let’s say you want to unlock everything for another character, do you want to rerun the whole campaign? Well, that’s where we come…

  • Hourly Farm


    Hourly Farm Outriders is here and it brings a lot of unique loot to the table. We are here to help take the edge off and farm for you to get the levels you need and get some nice loot in return. This may be good if you want us to level up an alternate…

  • Eye of tomorrow rocket launcher

    Eyes of Tomorrow


    Eyes of Tomorrow The Eyes of tomorrow drops from the final chest known as the cache in Deep Stone Crypt. Each raid completion increases the drop rate chance of getting this rocket launcher. One of the main perks of this weapon is if you kill 4 enemies with one rocket it increases the damage output….