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Season Of The Splicer

Season of the Splicer features the iconic raid Vault of Glass. New activities include a weekly Pinnacle mission and Expunge. New Stasis Aspect Quests. Iron Banner, Trials of Osiris, and Solstice of heroes have also returned this season.

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  • Uzume RR4 Destiny 2

    Uzume RR4


    Uzume RR4   The Uzume RR4 is a Nightfall weapon that is a random drop from the chest.   This weapon is a legendary sniper rifle that comes stock with the new perk Bottomless grief which increases the magazine and while you are the last member each kill refills the magazine.   It also comes…

  • Hung Jury Destiny 2

    Hung Jury


    Hung Jury   Hung Jury is among the other weapons to return this time from the Dead Orbit faction.   Like the others, this one is on a 3-week rotation in Nightfall The Ordeal. On the week it’s available we will farm Nightfall’s until it drops which will be guaranteed.   There is also an…

  • Plug One.1 Destiny 2

    Plug One.1


    Plug One.1   The Plug One.1 is a legendary fusion rifle that is from the original Destiny.   This legendary weapon can be farmed in The Nightfall Ordeal for god rolls. It’s one of the 3 new Nightfall exclusive weapons which rotate on a 3-week basis.   There is an Adept version of the Plug…

  • Null Composure Destiny 2

    Null Composure


    Null Composure   The new Null Composure fusion rifle is obtained by completing the A Sacred Fusion quest.    This ritual weapon has a charge time of 540 with a magazine of 6. The Null Composure is now one of the best fusion rifles in the game for boss damage and killing enemies due to…

  • Expunge Weekly Mission D2



    Expunge   Expunge is a new weekly mission for the Season of the Splicer.     This features a questline that leads you to eventually unlock Corrupted difficulty.   This will unlock the Splicer Gauntlet Upgrade Corrupted Access which will allow combatants to drop Corrupted Key Codes. The keys are used to unlock the Corrupted…

  • Vault of Glass Destiny 2

    Vault of Glass


    Vault of Glass   The Vault of Glass has returned with most of the original Destiny Weapons. There are challenges and triumphs also.   The emblem for completing the raid on normal is the Infinite Reflections.   Master challenge and the Timelost weapon this week (10/19- 10/26)   Strangers in time Hezen Vengeance (Adept) Do…

  • Trials of Osiris Armor set Destiny 2

    Trials of Osiris Armor


    Trials of Osiris Armor   The Trials of Osiris armor is the Pyrrhic Ascent Suit for the Season of the Lost.   We will farm for the armor that you are missing in Trials of Osiris each week until each piece drops for the selected Guardian.     Our team consists of some of the…

  • Solstice of Heroes


    Solstice of Heroes   The Solstice of Heroes summer event has returned!     This limited-time event is available from July 6th – August 3rd. As always there are tiers to the Solstice of Heroes armor sets such as Renewed, Majestic, and Magnificient. These are unlocked in order. The armor has certain objectives to be…

  • Trials of Osiris Destiny 2

    Trials of Osiris


    Trials of Osiris Carry   Get carried to the Lighthouse in Trials of Osiris.   Each week there is a new adept weapon to collect for going flawless.   Possible loot drops include armor, weapons, materials, emblem, and more. You also can get the Flawless title and triumphs. Each week features an Adept weapon.  …