Season of the Risen

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  • Master Nightfall Destiny 2

    Master Nightfall


    Master Nightfall   Master Nightfall is a great way to farm materials such as Enhancement Prisms and Ascendant Shards. Exotic drops and Nightfall weapons also have the chance to drop.   Our team will help you complete the Master Nightfall by Carry or Recovery boost.  Perfect if you aren’t high enough for Grandmaster difficulty and…

  • Flawless Vow of the Disciple

    Flawless Vow of the Disciple


    Flawless Vow of the Disciple   Completing the Flawless Vow of the Disciple raid without any fireteam member dying will reward the Divinity’s Caress Shader.   The Flawless Vow of the Disciple Triumph will also unlock for Disciple-Slayer + a Flawless badge on We have a professional team that has done many flawless raids…

  • Likely Suspect Destiny 2

    Likely Suspect


    Likely Suspect   Likely Suspect is a Void Fusion Rifle in the Witch Queen. We will complete the quest Trust Goes Both Ways to unlock this weapon.   Requirements:   Power Level 1530+ Boost Options:   Account Recovery: We will play on your account to complete the activity.

  • Deepsight Resonance Extraction Weapon Leveling

    Deepsight Resonance Extraction


    Deepsight Resonance Extraction   Need help getting those Deepsight Resonance weapons extracted? We will farm the kills needed to reach max level on the Deepsight Resonance weapons quickly.   This is needed so you can extract the materials to shape the weapon in the enclave. Waste less time by letting us do the tedious work…

  • The Title SMG Destiny 2

    The Title


    The Title   The Title Submachine Gun is a legendary Hakke Void weapon for the energy slot. This weapon has an aggressive frame featuring a new unique perk called Classy Contender, this perk grants class ability energy with final blows.   The Title will also have random rolls and the chance to get masterwork drops…

  • Master Rhulk Checkpoint Destiny 2

    Master Rhulk Checkpoint


    Master Rhulk Checkpoint   We will complete the Master Rhulk Checkpoint. This has the chance to drop an Adept Weapon (Not guaranteed). You will get the Gouging Light Sparrow from this for completing the triumph. You also have the chance to get the Collective obligation.   Requirements:   Power Level 1580+ Boost Options:   Account…

  • Master Vow of the Disciple Challenge Destiny 2

    Master Vow of the Disciple Challenge


    Master Vow of the Disciple Challenge   The Master Vow of the Disciple Weekly Challenge will guarantee a random Adept weapon from the Raid. Adept weapons can drop from any encounter but they are very rare. If you just need an adept weapon or the Master weekly challenge for the Disciple-Slayer Title this is a…

  • Captain Avarokk Grasp pf Avarice Final BossDestiny 2

    Captain Avarokk


    Captain Avarokk   Captain Avarokk is the final boss in the Grasp of Avarice Dungeon. We will farm the Captain Avarokk Final boss checkpoint for you as many times as you need.     The first completion will drop 2 items from the loot pool for this encounter. Every boss is farmable but you can…

  • Weapon Leveling Destiny 2

    Weapon Leveling


    Weapon Leveling   Level up your weapons with our boosting service. We offer weapon leveling up to rank 16 which is the level needed to unlock all perks.   Reaching level 20 on Shaped Weapons will give a bonus to stats if you need that done as well contact us for a custom quote.  …

  • Submission (Adept) Destiny 2

    Submission (Adept)


    Submission (Adept)   The Submission Adept version will feature 2 curated perks and 2 random rolls. Our team will complete the master Vow of the Disciple weekly challenge which rewards an adept weapon guaranteed.   Submission is a primary legendary Submachine gun that has turned out to be a very good weapon in PVE. The…

  • Trials Memento Destiny 2

    Trials Memento


    Trials Memento   Gleaming Keepsake Shader   Trials Memento drops guaranteed when going Flawless in Trials of Osiris for the first time of the week. You can apply the Trials Memento to any Shaped weapon at the Enclave for one-time use. You can only hold one Memento in inventory at a time.   You will…

  • Reed's Regret Destiny 2

    Reed’s Regret


    Reed’s Regret   Reed’s Regret is a legendary linear fusion rifle only obtainable in Trials of Osiris. The thing is if you are mostly a PVE player then this weapon is hard to obtain which is where our pro team can help you.   The Reed’s Regret is one of the best linear fusion rifles…