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Ritual Weapons

Destiny 2 ritual weapons. These are usually lengthy quests to get a legendary weapon in gambit, strikes, or crucible.

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  • Null composure destiny 2

    Null Composure


    Null Composure   The new Null Composure fusion rifle is obtained by doing many playlist activities such as strikes, crucible, and gambit. The quest is called A Sacred Fusion which you pick up from the gunsmith.   You gain more progress while using a solar fusion rifle to get kills. This quest only has 2…

  • Sale!

    Salvagers Salvo


    Salvagers Salvo   The Salvagers Salvo is a legendary energy grenade launcher. Its perks are sort of like The Mountain Top which has Spike Grenades and  Quick Launch. This can be obtained through the Messy Business quest which objectives are to Earn 7,500 points and Complete matches.   This can be done in gambit, Strike,…

  • Adored


    Adored   The Adored is a legendary sniper rifle that is obtained through the ritual weapon quest in Season of the hunt. This quest can be completed by doing Strikes, Crucible, or Gambit.   The fastest way is through strikes is what we would choose but if you have already picked up the quest then…