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All Destiny 2 raids to choose from including Deep Stone Crypt, Garden of Salvation, and Last Wish. We also offer services to get Destiny 2 Exotics from the raid guaranteed.

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  • Vex Mythoclast


    Vex Mythoclast   Along with Vault of Glass, the Vex Mythoclast is also returning. This is the raid exotic fusion rifle which shoots full auto and fires fire bolts. This weapon drops from Atheon the final boss. The perks featured on Vex Mythoclast are:   Hand-Laid Stock which increases stability. Temporal Unlimiter lets you swap…

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    Vault of Glass


    Vault of Glass   The Vault of Glass has returned with some of the original Destiny Weapons. There are challenges and triumphs also.   The emblem for finishing the raid on normal is the Infinite Reflections.    The Vault of Glass raid challenges will start on June 15th with a new one being introduced each…

  • Eye of tomorrow rocket launcher

    Eyes of Tomorrow


    Eyes of Tomorrow   The Eyes of tomorrow drops from the final chest known as the cache in the Deep Stone Crypt raid. Each raid completion increases the drop rate chance of getting this rocket launcher.   One of the main perks of this weapon is if you kill 4 enemies with one rocket it…

  • Deep Stone Crypt


    Deep Stone Crypt   Every big expansion brings a new challenging raid!   The first raid in Beyond Light is the Deep Stone Crypt. This time we get to explore the new planet Europa and take on the fallen. As always there are new weapons, armor, mods, and an emblem to collect. Service: Beyond Light’s…

  • Divinity


    Divinity   The Divinity is an exotic quest in the Garden of Salvation raid. This is a trace rifle that applies a 30% debuff to enemies which is very good for DPS on bosses.   It shines in raids, strikes, and dungeons when you have a team to take advantage of the extra damage. This…

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    One Thousand Voices


    One Thousand Voices   One Thousand Voices is an exotic fusion rifle that is featured as the raid exotic in the Last Wish raid. It unleashes a beam of fire that detonates. This raid exotic is in the loot pool of the final chest after completing the final boss Riven. You have 3 chances a…

  • Last Wish Raid Riven 3X Boss Checkpoint


    Riven Checkpoint Service: Riven checkpoint X3 + Chest will be collected on 1 character if you order multiple. 10% chance up to 50% going up for every chest opened for one thousand voices, It is not guaranteed.  This can be farmed an unlimited amount of time and is not locked behind the weekly reset. Requirements:…

  • Garden of Salvation


    Garden of Salvation     The Garden of Salvation raid takes place inside the Black Garden of Destiny 2 where we are up against the Vex!   It has 4 encounters with 2 Bosses which are Consecrated Mind a harpy boss with a ton of eyes to shoot. Then there is The Sanctified Mind which…

  • Last Wish Raid