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  • Plugin One.1 Destiny 2

    Plug One.1


    Plug One.1   The Plug One.1 is a legendary fusion rifle that is from the original Destiny. This legendary weapon can be farmed in The Nightfall Ordeal for god rolls. It’s one of the 3 new Nightfall exclusive weapons which rotate on a 3 week basis.   There is an Adept version of the Plug…

  • Vex Mythoclast


    Vex Mythoclast   Along with Vault of Glass, the Vex Mythoclast is also returning. This is the raid exotic fusion rifle which shoots full auto and fires fire bolts. This weapon drops from Atheon the final boss. The perks featured on Vex Mythoclast are:   Hand-Laid Stock which increases stability. Temporal Unlimiter lets you swap…

  • Override


    Override   Override is the new 6 man activity featured this season.  This is a mission like the Menagerie for example with similar loot, triumphs, and more. These activities usually feature a heroic mode. Mithrax from the fallen is back and we will be exploring the Vex Network.    You can choose to either have…

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    Vault of Glass


    Vault of Glass   The Vault of Glass has returned with some of the original Destiny Weapons. There are challenges and triumphs also.   The emblem for finishing the raid on normal is the Infinite Reflections.    The Vault of Glass raid challenges will start on June 15th with a new one being introduced each…

  • Eye of tomorrow rocket launcher

    Eyes of Tomorrow


    Eyes of Tomorrow   The Eyes of tomorrow drops from the final chest known as the cache in the Deep Stone Crypt raid. Each raid completion increases the drop rate chance of getting this rocket launcher.   One of the main perks of this weapon is if you kill 4 enemies with one rocket it…

  • Sale! presage mission - destiny 2 raid

    Presage Mission


    Presage Mission Service: Presage mission completion. Each clear rewards you with a random roll on the Dead Man’s Tale exotic scout rifle. The Master Flawless mission unlocks The Next Chapter Emblem. The master difficulty also rewards you with the Catalyst. Options: “Account Recovery” A professional logs onto the account to complete the activity. Requirements: Power…

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    Dead Man’s Tale


    Dead Man’s Tale   The Dead Man’s Tale is an Exotic Scout Rifle obtainable through the Exotic Quest Presage mission. This is the first lever-action exotic weapon in Destiny history. Also, this weapon can be farmed for the perfect roll on the perks.  Weapon Perks: Cranial Spike: Precision chaining hits grant extra damage and faster…

  • Seasonal Challenges


    Seasonal Challenges   Seasonal Challenges were introduced to Destiny 2 in the Season of the Chosen. These challenges are the best way to help you earn XP for the season pass. You also get War table upgrades, weapons, and bright dust.   There are 10 weeks of challenges each season. The objectives usually consist of…

  • Exo Challenge


    Exo Challenge Service: We will complete the Exo Challenge of the week for a powerful reward. Options: “Account Recovery” A professional logs onto the account to complete the activity. Requirements: Base Power Level 1300+

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    Salvagers Salvo


    Salvagers Salvo   The Salvagers Salvo is a legendary energy grenade launcher. Its perks are sort of like The Mountain Top which has Spike Grenades and  Quick Launch. This can be obtained through the Messy Business quest which objectives are to Earn 7,500 points and Complete matches.   This can be done in gambit, Strike,…

  • Coup De Grace (The Fourth Mark )


    Coup De Grace   Coup De Grace is the mission to unlock The Fourth Mark introduced with Beyond Light. The Fourth mark is an exotic ship that is a random drop from completing the mission.   This exotic starts with a 1% drop rate and increases after every completion. The mission can be completed once…

  • Hawkmoon Catalyst


    Hawkmoon Catalyst Service: Full completion of Hawkmoon Catalyst. Options: “Account Recovery” A professional logs into the account to complete the activity. Requirements: Beyond Light DLC You must already have Hawkmoon and the catalyst obtained from completing the Harbinger mission.