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Destiny 2 exotics is the highest tier of loot you can get for your guardian. Get quests done with our Destiny 2 boosting. Armor and Weapon Exotics.

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    Spoils of Conquest


    Spoils of Conquest   Spoils of conquest is a currency used to buy raid exotics in the exotic archive (Monument of lost lights). They can also be used at the raid cache of Deep Stone Crypt and Vault of Glass to get the weapons or armor that you are missing.   Raid weapons and even…

  • Vex Mythoclast


    Vex Mythoclast   Along with Vault of Glass, the Vex Mythoclast is also returning. This is the raid exotic fusion rifle which shoots full auto and fires fire bolts. This weapon drops from Atheon the final boss. The perks featured on Vex Mythoclast are:   Hand-Laid Stock which increases stability. Temporal Unlimiter lets you swap…

  • Eye of tomorrow rocket launcher

    Eyes of Tomorrow


    Eyes of Tomorrow   The Eyes of tomorrow drops from the final chest known as the cache in the Deep Stone Crypt raid. Each raid completion increases the drop rate chance of getting this rocket launcher.   One of the main perks of this weapon is if you kill 4 enemies with one rocket it…

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    Presage Mission


    Presage Mission Service: Presage mission completion. Each clear rewards you with a random roll on the Dead Man’s Tale exotic scout rifle. The Master Flawless mission unlocks The Next Chapter Emblem. The master difficulty also rewards you with the Catalyst. Options: “Account Recovery” A professional logs onto the account to complete the activity. Requirements: Power…

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    Dead Man’s Tale


    Dead Man’s Tale   The Dead Man’s Tale is an Exotic Scout Rifle obtainable through the Exotic Quest Presage mission. This is the first lever-action exotic weapon in Destiny history. Also, this weapon can be farmed for the perfect roll on the perks.  Weapon Perks: Cranial Spike: Precision chaining hits grant extra damage and faster…

  • Coup De Grace (The Fourth Mark )


    Coup De Grace   Coup De Grace is the mission to unlock The Fourth Mark introduced with Beyond Light. The Fourth mark is an exotic ship that is a random drop from completing the mission.   This exotic starts with a 1% drop rate and increases after every completion. The mission can be completed once…

  • Hawkmoon Catalyst


    Hawkmoon Catalyst Service: Full completion of Hawkmoon Catalyst. Options: “Account Recovery” A professional logs into the account to complete the activity. Requirements: Beyond Light DLC You must already have Hawkmoon and the catalyst obtained from completing the Harbinger mission.

  • Harbinger Mission


    Harbinger Mission Service: Full completion of Harbinger mission for random rolls and to obtain weapon catalyst. Options: “Account Recovery” A professional logs into the account to complete the activity. Requirements: Beyond Light DLC Power level 1250+ Harbinger hand cannon unlocked

  • Malfeasance


    Malfeasance   Malfeasance is an exotic hand cannon that was introduced with the Forsaken expansion. It shoots tainted slugs that burrow into the enemy and when stacking enough slugs they all explode. This weapon also does increase damage to taken enemies.   The seething heart is the questline for this exotic.  You will need to…

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    Lost Sector Exotics


    Lost Sector Exotics   Lost Sectors are the only way to get the new chest armor exotics in Beyond Light. These exotics and lost sectors rotate daily on a 4-day rotation. There are 4 exotics for each guardian which are Helmet, Chest Armor, Gauntlets, and Leg Armor. These tend to benefit your abilities and supers….

  • Hawkmoon


    Hawkmoon   Hawkmoon exotic hand cannon is a returning weapon from the original Destiny. The main perk is called Paracausal where the Hawkmoon will gain a buff for kills and precision hits and then the final bullet will unleash bonus damage.   This exotic weapon is the first to have the Transformative perk which allows…

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    Cloudstrike   Cloudstrike is an exotic sniper rifle that is good at just about everything including clearing ads, the Crucible, and boss DPS.  The exotic perk is Mortal Polarity, which is good for ads as every precision kill generates a lightning bolt at the targets.   This is a nice combo to use with Divinity…