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Destiny 2 dungeon is a 3 man PVE activity in the game. Prophecy, Pit of Heresy, and Shattered Throne.

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  • Prophecy Dungeon


    Prophecy Dungeon   The Prophecy Dungeon is a 3 player activity that takes place behind the drifter’s ship in the Season of Arrivals. Like the other dungeon’s this one has an emblem for doing it solo flawlessly named Prophetic Visionary.   Completing the prophecy dungeon solo rewards the Cottontail Shell (Ghost). The Of Ten Suns…

  • Pit of Heresy


    Pit Of Heresy   The Pit of Heresy is a Dungeon in the Shadowkeep expansion that requires a coordinated fireteam of 3. The Dreambane and Reverie Dawn armor has returned and now dropping with better stats. The final chest drops +16 for at least 2 armor stats and will have 7 energy.   The weapons…

  • Shattered Throne


    Shattered Throne   The Shattered Throne is the first dungeon that was released with Forsaken. It takes place in the Dreaming City. The dungeon is now available at any time instead of on a 3-week rotation.   The Reverie Dawn armor now comes with at least 2 +16 stats and 7 energy dropping from the…