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  • trials of osiris armor set - destiny 2 raid

    Trials of Osiris Armor


    Trials of Osiris Armor   The Trials of Osiris armor is the Pyrrhic Ascent Suit for the Season of the Splicer. Our team consists of some of the best PVP players in Crucible.   We will farm for the armor that you are missing in Trials of Osiris each week until each piece drops for…

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    Salvagers Salvo


    Salvagers Salvo   The Salvagers Salvo is a legendary energy grenade launcher. Its perks are sort of like The Mountain Top which has Spike Grenades and  Quick Launch. This can be obtained through the Messy Business quest which objectives are to Earn 7,500 points and Complete matches.   This can be done in gambit, Strike,…

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    Exotic Cypher (Xenology Quest)


    Exotic Cypher   Exotic Cypher is a new currency that came with Beyond Light. It allows you to purchase weapons in the Exotic Kiosk located in the tower. These can be earned by leveling up the season pass or by the Xenology quest that you can pick up from Xur each weekend.   We will…

  • Adored


    Adored   The Adored is a legendary sniper rifle that is obtained through the ritual weapon quest in Season of the hunt. This quest can be completed by doing Strikes, Crucible, or Gambit.   The fastest way is through strikes is what we would choose but if you have already picked up the quest then…

  • Glory Ranks


    Glory Ranks   Glory Ranks are obtained in the Competitive PVP mode Destiny 2 Survival. You get more Glory rank points for winning while keeping a streak which maxes out at 5 wins.   There are 6 Glory ranks including Guardian, Brave, Heroic, Fabled, Mythic, and Legend. These are the main ranks which each have…

  • Solstice Of Heroes


    Solstice of heroes   Solstice of heroes will be similar to last year as far as armor tiers go. This will be release on July 6th and should feature some unique glowing armor. There will be elements arc, solar, and void rotating each day so guardians will need to match it to gain progress. The…

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    The Chaperone


    The Chaperone   The Chaperone is an Exotic shotgun that was introduced with the Forsaken expansion. The quest is started by getting the Holliday Family History quest randomly from any activity than visiting Amanda Holliday to start it.   This questline has you mainly get a lot of kills in the crucible including kills with…

  • trials of osiris

    Trials of Osiris


    Trials of Osiris   Get your guardian flawless in Trials of Osiris. Each week there is new loot rotating. You get rewards for 3 wins, 5 wins, 7 wins, and flawless chest. Available every weekend from Friday to Tuesday ending at weekly reset.   Possible loot drops include armor, weapons, materials, emblem, and more. You…

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