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Beyond Light

Destiny 2 Beyond Light is here with all new loot to collect and Stasis subclasses to unlock. The new planet is Europe which has new vendors and activities. Deep Stone Crypt is the new raid complete.

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  • Hawkmoon


    Hawkmoon   Hawkmoon exotic hand cannon is a returning weapon from the original Destiny.   The main perk is called Paracausal where the Hawkmoon will gain a buff for kills and precision hits and then the final bullet will unleash bonus damage.   This exotic weapon is the first to have the Transformative perk which…

  • Flawless Seal Trials Destiny 2

    Flawless Seal


    Flawless Seal   The Flawless Seal is one of many Triumph Seals that were introduced in Forsaken.   Seals are a permanent Title once unlocked that displayed over your guardian and gamer tag. This is also viewable from the character screen.     You will also get a lot of Trials loot from us going…

  • Sale!



    Cloudstrike   Cloudstrike is an exotic sniper rifle that is good at just about everything including clearing ads, the Crucible, and boss DPS.    The exotic perk is Mortal Polarity, which is good for ads as every precision kill generates a lightning bolt at the targets.   This is a nice combo to use with…

  • The Lament Destiny 2

    The Lament


    The Lament   The Lament Exotic Sword is one of the best weapons in the game right now.   It deals solar damage and is obtainable through the Lost Lament questline you can pick up from the Gunsmith (Banshee-44) in the tower.   The best features are its perks that allow you to rev the…

  • Exotic Cypher (Xenology Quest)


    Exotic Cypher   Exotic Cypher is a new currency that came with Beyond Light.   It allows you to purchase weapons in the Exotic Kiosk located in the tower. These can be earned by leveling up the season pass or by the Xenology quest that you can pick up from Xur each weekend.   We…

  • Lost Sectors


    Lost Sectors   Lost Sectors have become the main source for Armor exotics in Beyond Light.   These need to be done solo in order to have a chance to obtain the new exotics from the chest.   We will complete the lost sector on any difficulty you need ranging from Legend to Master. Check…

  • Salvation's Grip Destiny 2

    Salvation’s Grip


    Salvation’s Grip   Salvation’s Grip allows you to create shards and destroy them without using the Stasis Subclass.      This exotic grenade launcher quest is available after completing the Beyond Light campaign. You will need this exotic to complete the Born in Darkness questline.      This will be done by collecting intel from…

  • Adored Destiny 2



    Adored   The Adored is a legendary sniper rifle that is obtained through the ritual weapon quest in Season of the hunt.   This quest can be completed by doing Strikes, Crucible, or Gambit.   The fastest way is through strikes is what we would choose but if you have already picked up the quest…

  • Deep Stone Crypt Destiny 2

    Deep Stone Crypt


    Deep Stone Crypt   Every big expansion brings a new challenging raid!   The first raid in Beyond Light is the Deep Stone Crypt. This time we get to explore the new planet Europa and take on the fallen. As always there are new weapons, armor, mods, and an emblem to collect.   Service:  …

  • Beyond Light Campaign Destiny 2

    Beyond Light Campaign


    Beyond Light Campaign   The Beyond Light Campaign takes place in Europa.   The power level for every player has been increased to 1050. We will unlock the seasonal pass and get you close to 1200 Power level by the end of the campaign.   Once the campaign is complete you will have access to…

  • Wrathborn Hunts Destiny 2

    Wrathborn Hunts


    Wrathborn Hunts   Wrathborn hunts is a new activity featured in Beyond Light.   This is all part of a questline from The Crow that will require you to first get the Cryptolith Lure. This requires you to have access to the Dreaming City, Tangled Shore, and the Moon by completing the missions necessary for…

  • Solstice of Heroes


    Solstice of Heroes   The Solstice of Heroes summer event has returned!     This limited-time event is available from July 6th – August 3rd. As always there are tiers to the Solstice of Heroes armor sets such as Renewed, Majestic, and Magnificient. These are unlocked in order. The armor has certain objectives to be…