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Beyond Light

Destiny 2 Beyond Light is here with all new loot to collect and Stasis subclasses to unlock. The new planet is Europe which has new vendors and activities. Deep Stone Crypt is the new raid complete.

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  • Ager's Scepter Exotic Trace Rifle

    Ager’s Scepter


    Ager’s Scepter   Exotic Trace Rifle   Ager’s Scepter is an exotic weapon that uses the new stasis element. This weapon is unlocked through the Tracing the Stars questline.   Service:   We will unlock the exotic for you.   Requirements:   Season of the Lost pass.  

  • Xur



    Xur   Where is Xur?   We will let you know the location and loot of Xur for each week. If you don’t have the time or are away from home we can even grab the loot for you. Xur is available from Friday- Tuesday at the daily reset time.   So if you see…

  • Lorentz Driver Catalyst

    Lorentz Driver Catalyst


    Lorentz Driver Catalyst   Get an extra perk with the Lorentz Driver Catalyst.   The Lorentz Driver is the Season of the Lost Exotic weapon. It equips in the energy slot and is a Linear Fusion Rifle. It is very powerful in both PVE and PVP.   The Catalyst will even make the weapon better…

  • The Hothead Destiny 2

    The Hothead


    The Hothead    The Hothead is an epic Rocket Launcher with great perks.   Service:   Our team will farm the Nightfall until the weapon drops. Requirements:   1310+  

  • The Comedian Destiny 2

    The Comedian


    The Comedian   The Comedian shotgun is back from Destiny 1.   This is a weapon featured in the Nightfall which is RNG. We guarantee that we will get the weapon no matter how many attempts.   Requirements:   Power Level 1320+  

  • Ascendancy Destiny 2



    Ascendancy   Ascendancy is the ritual weapon for Season of the Lost!   To get this rocket launcher we will need to get you to rank 16 in Strikes, Crucible, or Gambit. This weapon features the perk Explosive Light where it does more damage when picking up orbs of power. Also has the perk Chain…

  • Trials Ranks for Trials of Osiris

    Trials Ranks


    Trials Ranks Trials ranks is a system similar to how Gambit and Glory ranks work.

  • Destiny 2 Power Leveling

    Power Leveling


    Power Leveling   Let us Power Level your character and get loot along the way!   Our leveling boost will help you get to the end game faster. It unlocks activities that require a higher level. This is also a good option when you don’t have the time to level alternate characters.   Our team…

  • Born in Darkness D2 Parts 1-4

    Born in Darkness


    Born in Darkness   Get the Born in Darkness questline done to unlock all of the quests for  Fragments, Grenades, and Aspects.   Service:    We can complete the full questline or do parts 1,2,3, and 4 separate. Requirements:    You need to have the Beyond Light Campaign completed with the Born in Darkness quest…

  • Stasis Subclass Destiny 2

    Stasis Subclass Upgrades


    Stasis Subclass Upgrades   We have finally got a new Subclass introduced with Beyond Light in Destiny 2 called Stasis.      After completing the Beyond Light campaign you will return to Exo Stranger to unlock the Stasis Subclass. Then you will have the option to complete the quest for Salvations Grip grenade launcher.  …

  • Raid Bundle for Destiny 2

    Raid Bundle


    Raid Bundle   Get all 4 of the Raids available in Destiny 2 for one low price.   The Raid Bundle features 4 of the raids available. This will include full clears on Normal mode with chests on one character of choice. This may not include challenges for each raid.     Raids Included: Vault…

  • The Dawning Destiny 2

    The Dawning


    The Dawning   The Dawning is a Christmas event that involves baking gifts from Eva’s Holiday Oven and delivering them to all the vendors across the tower for special rewards and triumphs.   There’s always an exclusive weapon and an exotic ship that is featured during the event.     We will give this an…