How does our destiny service work ?

“Account Recovery” A professional plays on your account to make it easy to get you the loot you want in Destiny 2. We may offer carries for some services. 

How long will an order take to complete once placed?

Orders are usually completed within 24 hrs. Feel free to contact us ahead of time for availability.

What payment methods do I accept?

PayPal to make payment transaction’s safe and secure. You can checkout as guest on PayPal without an account. 

How can you trust our service?

All Destiny service is guaranteed to be completed.

SSL certified seal always active on site 24/7 for secure transaction’s.

Check our reviews for more trust.

How does the order process work?

Once the order is placed we then make contact with the client about the order. We will always notify you at least 10 minutes before logging in and when the service is complete.

How do we communicate?

The best way to reach out to us first would be using our Contact form to send an email. Then we can provide discord or text if you prefer that instead.