How does my service work ?

“Account Recovery” A pro plays on your account to make it easy to get you the rewards you want in Destiny. 

How long will an order take to complete once placed?

Orders are usually completed within 24 hrs. Lengthy orders may take longer. Feel free to contact us ahead of time for availability.

What payment methods do I accept?

PayPal to make payment transaction’s safe and secure. You can still checkout as guest on PayPal without account. 

How can you trust our service?

All service is guaranteed to be completed.

SSL certified seal always active on site 24/7 for secure transaction’s.

Check reviews for more trust.

Order process?

Once the order is placed the next step will be to make contact with client to keep you updated as order is processed. You will be notified 10 minutes before starting, once started, and when order is complete.

How do we communicate?

Communication is key, this is why we have multiple ways to stay in contact with our clients. Email, text message, or discord.