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Wrathborn Hunts


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Wrathborn Hunts


Wrathborn hunts is a new activity featured in Beyond Light.


This is all part of a questline from The Crow that will require you to first get the Cryptolith Lure. This requires you to have access to the Dreaming City, Tangled Shore, and the Moon by completing the missions necessary for the campaigns.


Once you have the Lure then Crucible, Strikes, Gambit matches will be needed to charge it. There are also Lure mods and upgrades to unlock which requires earning reputation with the Crow. The upgrades will boost your ranks for the Crow. We can unlock this for you with our service by the hour. We will complete Wrathborns for you. 


Possible Rewards:


  • Friction Fire: Submachine Gun 

  • Defening Whisper: Energy Grenade Launcher

  • Royal Chase: Scout Rifle

  • Blast Butte: Power Grenade Launcher

  • Corsairs Wrath: Linear Fusion Rifle

  • Wild Hunt Armor Set 



  • One Wrathborn hunts completion. You can order as many as you need.

Play Options:

  • “Account Recovery” A professional logs into the account to complete the hunts.


  • Beyond Light DLC.

  • Wrathborn Hunts unlocked.



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