Vex Mythoclast


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Vex Mythoclast


Along with Vault of Glass, the Vex Mythoclast has also returned.


This is the raid exotic fusion rifle that shoots full auto and fires fire bolts. This weapon drops from Atheon the final boss. The perks featured on Vex Mythoclast are:


  • Hand-Laid Stock which increases stability.


  • Temporal Unlimiter lets you swap firing modes when fully overcharged, defeating enemies builds stacks of overcharge.


  • Alternative firing mode allows you to hold the trigger to charge up more powerful linear fusion shot.


  • The Volatile Battery basically increases the magazine size.


You can also add on the catalyst completion which requires 700 targets defeated. (You must have the catalyst already) If not you can check the link above for us to obtain it and complete the raid.


The catalyst perk gives you increased stability when you have higher stacks of overcharge. We will farm the Atheon checkpoint until the weapon drops. This can take several weeks as it is rare and will take time.


You need to have 3 guardians of each class leveled up so we can farm the boss more efficiently each week.




  • Vex Mythoclast Exotic guaranteed.



  • Power Level 1350+ 



  • This will be done by account recovery while playing on your profile.