Vault of Glass Boost


Master mode includes the weekly challenge to get Timelost weapon.

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Vault of Glass Boost


The Vault of Glass has returned with most of the original Destiny Weapons. There are challenges and triumphs also.


Master challenge and the Timelost weapon this week (6/14/22- 6/21/22)


  • Templar Challenge

  • Timelost Fatebringer


Do you just want the Timelost weapon? Check here.


The Vault of Glass raid has 5 weekly challenges with them rotating each week.


Weekly Challenges:


  • Wait for it… During the confluxes encounter only defeat Wyverns while they’re sacrificing.


  • The Only Oracle for You: Complete the Oracle encounter without destroying the same oracle more than once.


  • Out of Its Way: Defeat the Templar without allowing it to teleport.


  • Strangers in Time: During the Gatekeepers encounter, defeat the Wyvern and Praetorian Minitaur enemies within 3 seconds of each other.


  • Ensemble’s Refrain: During the Atheon encounter, Destroy no more than one oracle per oracle wave.


The master difficulty will get you normal drops too. Master loot only drops armor now besides the challenge which rewards the Timelost weapon. You are guaranteed to get stat-focused armor.


Completing the Vault of Glass on Master will unlock Timelost weapons which are similar to Adept weapons. There is one Timelost weapon featured each week rotating alongside the Weekly Challenge.


Once a timelost weapon is obtained, additional rolls can be purchased from the Cache. These weapons add an additional perk in columns three and four.


The emblem for completing the raid on normal is the Infinite Reflections.



The Vaultstrider exotic ship is obtained through the Master Glasser triumph for completing Vault of Glass on master difficulty.



Loot Pool:




  • Praedyth’s Revenge (Legendary Sniper Rifle)


  • Found Verdict (Legendary Shotgun)


  • Corrective Measure (Legendary Machine Gun)


  • Vision of Confluence (Legendary Scout Rifle)


  • Fatebringer (Legendary Hand Cannon)


  • Hezen Vengeance (Legendary Rocket Launcher)


  • Timelost Weapons (Master difficulty)




Armor Mods:


  • Anti-Oracle: Defeating an oracle grants you super energy.


  • Superstructure Striker: While you are standing on a sync plate or are near a conflux, weapon attacks that hit powerful Vex combatants have a high chance to stun those combatants.


  • Anti-Praetorian: Defeating a Praetorian grants you super energy.


  • Precise Oracle Disrupter: Your equipped Bows, Hand Cannons, Linear Fusion Rifles, Scout Rifles, and Sniper Rifles deal additional damage to Oracles in the Vault of Glass.



Our boost team will complete the Vault of Glass raid for you while collecting the chests. If any add-ons are selected such as the challenges, we will complete those too.




  • Legend: 1350+ Power Level 


  • Master: 1575+ Power Level 




  • “Account Recovery” We will complete the raid for you on your account.


  • “Carry” You will join our team while we assist you in completing the raid.