Uzume RR4


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Uzume RR4


The Uzume RR4 is a Nightfall weapon that is a random drop from the chest.


This weapon is a legendary sniper rifle that comes stock with the new perk Bottomless grief which increases the magazine and while you are the last member each kill refills the magazine.


It also comes equipped with Thresh will generate a small amount of super energy while killing combatants. Our team will farm the Nightfall: The Ordeal until the Uzume RR4 drops on Hero difficulty or above depending on your level.


Nightfall weapons are on a 3-week rotation where one is featured each week.


You can also choose to have us get the Adept version of this weapon which drops from the Grandmaster version.




  • Guaranteed Nightfall weapon.



  • Normal 1280+ PL

  • Adept 1345+ PL



  • Account Recovery: A booster of our team will log in to your account to collect the loot.