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Timelost Weapon (Hezen Vengeance)


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Timelost Weapon


Hezen Vengeance is dropping this week!


We will complete the Vault of Glass Challenge only on Master difficulty for a guaranteed Timelost Weapon.


There is one chosen Timelost weapon for Vault of Glass master each week. You can only obtain the weapon from the challenge but afterward can buy more rolls from the cache at the end of the raid.


These Adept weapons come with an extra 3rd and 4th perk slot along with adept weapon mods slot.


All Timelost weapons:

  • Fatebringer

  • Hezen Vengeance

  • Corrective Measure

  • Vision of Confluence

  • Praedyth’s Revenge

  • Found Verdict: Unlocked by completing all of the challenges on master.


No checkpoint is needed.


This does not include the full raid. If you looking for the VOG raid and many more options check here.



  • Power Level 1345+


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