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Solstice of Heroes

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Solstice of Heroes


The Solstice of Heroes summer event has returned!



This limited-time event is available from July 6th – August 3rd. As always there are tiers to the Solstice of Heroes armor sets such as Renewed, Majestic, and Magnificient. These are unlocked in order. The armor has certain objectives to be masterwork.


The armor sets will glow white once you complete the highest tier like no other armor available.  Most of the objectives take place in the EAZ (European Aerial Zone). These tasks range from defeating enemies with abilities to getting miniboss kills.


After each EAZ completion, there will be hidden chests that will need to be found, one for each boss that was killed. These chests contain Key fragments and Solstice packages.



Eva Levante now offers a boost for progressing the armor objectives faster which is pretty much like the bug that happened last year. Once you complete one of the tiers for one character you get will get double the progress for that tier on your other 2 characters. Then the same for the 3rd character but triple the progress on objectives. We will use these when completing multiple character sets.


Solstice Packages: Superior Tiers will give a higher drop chance to higher stat armor and Superior Tier 2 Solstice Armor. These Armor Accelerators and Solstice packages are available in Tier I and Tier II.


If you have Magnificient Tier III sets on all 3 characters, the objectives will progress at the same time which is the most efficient way. This is will be the strategy we will use when completing all characters.


Magnificient objectives:


  • Helmet: Complete Nightfall on Master or Grandmaster difficulty.

  • Gloves: Complete any raid.

  • Chest: Complete any dungeon.

  • Boots: Defeat champions or defeat guardians in Survival or Trials of Osiris

  • Class Item: Complete Legendary or Master Lost Sectors.

Key fragments are used to buy solstice packages from Eva Levante the vendor for this event in the tower. Solstice packages contain weapons, themed armor, materials, and rerolls of the Compass rose shotgun.


Obtaining the glow on any Solstice Armor set for any class will unlock the Partially Resplendent Triumph which rewards the Brightest Stars Emblem.


Obtaining the glow for all Solstice Armor sets requires completing all armor objectives for all classes. This will unlock the Cosmically Resplendent which rewards the Exotic Ghost Shell.


There will be a 4-day rotation with elements arc, solar, and void rotating so guardians will need to match it to gain progress. The 4th day being Prism Day which means orbs of all elements will count towards the progress.



This year there is the exclusive Solstice of Heroes Compass Rose shotgun to be unlocked. This is a precision frame, Solar, and Legendary.



Our team will complete all of the objectives required to obtain the Solstice of Heroes armor selected or shotgun.


Service Includes:


  • Renewed: Rare upgrade


  • Majestic: Legendary upgrade


  • Magnificent: Legendary Masterworked




  • 1200+




  • “Account Recovery” This is a Destiny service where we complete the option selected for Solstice of Heroes on your account.


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  1. Louie C. (Verified Purchase)

    Verified reviewVerified review - view originalExternal link

    I didn’t have the time for Solstice this year and they completed the armor set quickly.

  2. mathew j. (Verified Purchase)

    Amazing and quick service

  3. Christian F. (Verified Purchase)

    My go to Guardian when I need help! Always great service and communication. I highly recommend and have never once had any issues

  4. Logan H. (Verified Purchase)

    Booster provided A+ service

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