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Salvagers Salvo


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Salvagers Salvo


The Salvagers Salvo is a legendary energy grenade launcher.


Its perks are sort of like The Mountain Top which has Spike Grenades and  Quick Launch. This can be obtained through the Messy Business quest which objectives are to Earn 7,500 points and Complete matches.


This can be done in gambit, Strike, or Crucible playlist. Bonus progress will be rewarded for completing matches in Nightfalls and Gambit or Crucible wins.


The points are rewarded throughout the same playlist with bonus points for grenade launcher final blows. Our boosting team will earn 7,500 points and complete matches to obtain the Salvagers Salvo.




  • The full quest completion of the new Salavager’s Salvo grenade launcher.



  • “Account Recovery” A professional logs onto the account to complete the quest.



  • Beyond Light DLC

  • Messy Business Quest 


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