Risen Title

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Risen Title


Season of the Risen Seal Triumphs


The Risen Title is the first to be introduced in the Witch Queen. 10 Triumphs for the Season of the Risen are required to complete the seal and acquire the Title.


The Risen Title will be displayed in text above your guardian while also shown on the character screen. Our team will help you complete these triumphs if you don’t have the time or team to get them done you can obtain the Risen Title.




  • Psionic Operator: Complete the Operation Elbrus Mission.


  • Applied Psychotronics: Unlock all 10 upgrades from the War Table. Rewards the Sovereign Order Exotic Ship.


  • Psychic Warrior: Reset your rank with the War Table. 


  • This House Is Clean: Defeat Aspects of Savathûn with the Synaptic Spear in PsiOps Battlegrounds. 


  • Legend Battlegrounds Completed: Complete Season of the Risen Legend Battlegrounds. (EDZ, Cosmodrome, and Moon)


  • Mind Reading: Collect all the pages of the “Acts of Mercy” and “Quintessence” lore books.


  • Tank Master: Complete the “Vox Obscura” Exotic quest on Master difficulty. 


  • Old Foes Rise Again: Listen to all four of the Psionic propaganda messages in the control room of the “Vox Obscura” Exotic quest. 


  • Peak Operator: Defeat targets using Seasonal weapons. Defeating Guardians grants additional progress. 


  • Reckless Shot: Earn Reckless Endangerment. 




  • You must own the Witch Queen DLC


  • Witch Queen Campaign Completed


  • Power Level 1530+ Power Level

Play Options:


  • A booster from our team will complete the campaign on your account.