Witch Queen Power Leveling Boost

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Witch Queen Power Leveling Boost


Let us boost your Power Level in Witch Queen!


Our leveling boost will help you get to the end game faster and most importantly save you time. It unlocks activities that require a higher level. The Witch Queen is raising the Power Level Caps once again. This is a good option when you don’t have the time to level characters.


Keep in mind if you boost one character up your alternate characters will be way easier to level up.


Our team will do weekly challenges for the powerful and pinnacle engrams to level up. Every season there is a higher power level cap.


The Power leveling for Witch Queen Season 16:


  • Power Floor – 1350

  • Soft Cap – 1500

  • Powerful Cap – 1550

  • Pinnacle Cap – 1560


Pinnacle levels consist of 10 levels which is the highest your guardian can go. These 10 levels take multiple resets as you get pinnacle engrams from doing weekly challenges.


The artifact will allow you to go beyond this cap as there is no cap with it. You now will only level up from pinnacle engrams. Pinnacle engrams drop +5 gear until you get to 1320 the powerful cap for the current season.


Once you reach that level you will get +1 for activities such as crucible, gambit, and vanguard strikes. +2 gear level for end game activities such as Nightfall, Grasp of Avarice Dungeon, Iron Banner, Witch Queen Raid, and more.


Seasonal Artifact Level is not included in the pricing, only gear level of character. We will still pick up bounties to level up artifacts and get Powerful weekly challenges done, it’s just easier to price this way.




  • We will get you to the level selected. If you need a custom offer contact us and we will make it happen.

Play Options:


  • Account Recovery: A Booster will play on your account.



  • You must have the Activities unlocked.