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Override is the new 6 man activity featured this season.


This is a mission like a Menagerie for example with similar loot, triumphs, and more. These activities usually feature a heroic mode. Mithrax from the fallen is back and we will be exploring the Vex Network. 



There are 3 Override Activities with one located on The Moon, Europa, and the Tangled Shore. These missions can be launched from the H.E.L.M in the director.


You will need to progress through the Season of the Splicer campaign to unlock the Splicer Gauntlet Seasonal Artifact. Unlocking the artifact will request that you complete an Override.


You will be able to collect two chests the Vex Chest and a Conflux Chest. These both require key codes from the Splicer Gauntlet.


You can choose to either have us complete the activity for the Powerful or Pinnacle weekly reward.




  • New armor and weapons exclusive to this activity including Chroma Rush. All RNG drops.



  • Power Level 1280+



  • “Account Recovery” Our team will log in to your account to complete the activity for you.


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