Moments of Triumph 2021

30th Exotics
Beyond Light Chapter 3
Crucible Contract
Daring Displays
Deep Stone Crypt
Devotee's Remnant
Europa Hunting Party
Gambit Gauntlet
Grasp of Avarice Complete
Graven Tales
Lost Sector Master
Path of the Chosen
Repeat Winner
Seasoned in Darkness
Seeker of the Lost
Special Guest Star
Strike Spelunker
Talon of Light
Trials Wins
Vault of Glass
Walk of True Path
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Moments of Triumph 2021


Moments of Triumph MMXXI features triumphs to complete for sweet loot.



The triumphs range from completing raids to doing playlist activities such as Gambit, Vanguard, and Crucible. Completing all Triumphs will unlock the MMXXI Title and Seal.


Moments of Triumph started on December 7th along with the 30th year anniversary event. It will end on 2/22/2022.


28 of 30 of the Feats of Strength Triumphs need to be completed to obtain the seal.


In-game rewards include:


  • The Flow, the Metal Emblem


  • Elegant Guard Ghost Shell


  • Fractic Spiral Sparrow


  • MMXXI Title


  • Moments of Triumph Emblem


Real Life Rewards available for discount:


  • Moments of Triumph T-Shirt


  • Moments of Triumph Seal Pin


  • Strange Coin


These are real-life rewards that will be available for purchase by completing the objectives for this event.




  • Trials Wins – Win seven rounds in the Trials of Osiris.


  • Crucible Contract – Defeat 50 Guardians in Crucible with any Seasonal Quest weapon: Adored, Salvager’s Salvo, Null Composure, or Ascendancy.


  • Europa Hunting Party – Complete 20 Empire Hunts. Bonus progress for higher-difficulty hunts.


  • Grasp of Avarice Complete – Complete the Grasp of Avarice dungeon.


  • 30th Exotics – Claim both Gjallarhorn and Forerunner from the Bungie 30th Anniversary Pack.


  • Triumph Apprentice – Attain a moderate Triumph score of 10,000.


  • Wrathender – Complete the Coup de Grace mission.


  • Triumph Master – Attain a high Triumph score of 15,000 to earn a special emblem.


  • Vault of Glass – Complete any version of the Vault of Glass raid.


  • Path of the Chosen – Complete all Seasonal storyline quests.


  • Walk the True Path – Complete all eight Path of the Splicer quests.


  • Seeker of the Lost – Complete Wayfinder’s Voyage, Parts I – VII.


  • Strike Spelunker – Defeat 300 combatants in playlist strikes with any Seasonal Quest weapon: Adored, Salvager’s Salvo, Null Composure, or Ascendancy.


  • Gambit Gauntlet – Defeat 200 targets in Gambit with any Seasonal Quest weapon: Adored, Salvager’s Salvo, Null Composure, or Ascendancy. Bonus progress for defeating opposing Guardians.


  • Ordeal – Complete 20 Nightfall strikes. Bonus progress for higher-difficulty strikes.


  • Repeat Winner – Defeat final bosses in Dares of Eternity.


  • Taskmaster – Complete 50 bounties.


  • Special Guest Star – Defeat Xur’s Chosen in the Lightning Round.


  • Daring Displays – Complete Starhorse bounties. Weekly and Legend-difficulty Starhorse bounties grant additional progress.


  • Lost Sector Master – Complete 4 Lost Sectors on Master difficulty. (The Dreaming City, Europa, Moon, and The Tangled Shore)


  • Devotee’s Remnant – Complete the catalyst for Ager’s Scepter.


  • Talon of Light – Complete the exotic quest Let Loose Thy Talons. (Hawkmoon)


  • Deep Stone Crypt – Complete the Deep Stone Crypt raid.


  • Graven Tales – Uncover the Dead Man’s Tale.


  • Seasoned in Darkness – Collect four Stasis Aspects and six Stasis Fragments.


  • Beyond Light – Chapter 3 – Eramis awaits within the walls of Riis-Reborn. Hunt her down.




  • Our Team will complete any of the triumphs and steps selected so you can get in-game and real-life rewards from the Moments of Triumph 2021 event.



  • “Account Recovery” A professional logs into the account to complete the objectives selected.