Leviathan Raid


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Leviathan Raid


The Leviathan Raid is the first raid in Destiny 2.


It’s based around the cabal and has 5 encounters with the final boss being Emperor Calus.


There is the underbelly that can be opened up at the start of the raid by pulling levers in a sequence. The Labyrinth Underbelly basically lets you get to any encounter or chest in the raid.


The chests are also found under the underbelly which requires keys to unlock. The encounters throughout the raid drop 3 keys to use on the chest. We will complete the Leviathan raid for you while collecting all chests.




  • Alone as a god Sniper Rifle

  • Conspirator Scout Rifle

  • Midnight Coup Hand Cannon

  • Inaugural Address Pulse Rifle

  • Ghost Primus Auto Rifle

  • It Stared Back Sword

  • Mob Justice Submachine Gun

  • Sins of the Past Rocket Launcher

  • An Armor Set for Titan, Hunter, and Warlock

  • Embrace His Name Emblem for Normal difficulty

  • Glory to the Emperor Emblem for Prestige difficulty

  • An emblem for each challenge in the raid



  • Full completion of Raid

  • 4 Raid Armor/weapon drops on each character

  • Calus Token’s

  • Shader

  • Raid Emblem



  • 300+ Minimum Power Level

  • The campaign must have been completed to have the raid unlocked


  • “Account Recovery” A professional logs into the account to complete the activity.