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Eyes of Tomorrow


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Eyes of Tomorrow


The Eyes of tomorrow drops from the final chest known as the cache in the Deep Stone Crypt raid. Each raid completion increases the drop rate chance of getting this rocket launcher.


One of the main perks of this weapon is if you kill 4 enemies with one rocket it increases the damage output. On top of that, it has tracking and can hit many enemies at once. 

Weapon Perks:


Smart Drift Control Launcher Barrel, Allow Casing Magazine, Adaptive Ordnance Trait, and Fitted Stock

Intrinsic Traits: (The base qualities of a weapon)

Eyes On All: This weapon is capable of tracking and firing at multiple targets simultaneously.



Rounds Per Minute 20

Magazine 1



  • Eyes Of Tomorrow Destiny 2 Exotic Rocket Launcher. We will farm Taniks the final boss in the Deep Stone Crypt raid each week on all characters until it drops. This could take several weeks depending on RNG.



  • Account Recovery: A professional logs onto your account to collect Eyes of Tomorrow.



  • Power Level 1250+

  • Beyond Light


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