Duality Dungeon


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Duality Dungeon


The 1st Dungeon in the Witch Queen expansion has just been released. The Duality Dungeon is packed with new loot including a legendary armor set for each character.


There will be a master difficulty for this Dungeon as well that will reward Artifice Armor. A Master version of the Duality Dungeon releases on the same day as well so no need to wait for more rewards.


The Duality Dungeon armor is a must have as it allows you to equip 1 additional seasonal mod for each piece of gear. 4 new legendary weapons and 2 Reprised weapons will be available in the loot pool as well. These Dungeon weapons will likely be farmable so stay tuned for guaranteed drops that you can get here at Loot Services.


There will be an exotic weapon quest and a catalyst to go with it. Once we know more this post will be updated with the latest news. There will also be an exotic ship or sparrow and 2 legendary emblems. As always there will be a triumph for going Solo Flawless for this Dungeon that may reward a shader as well. We will offer all of the loot you can obtain in this new Dungeon with our services.


Loot Pool:


  • Deep Explorer Armor Set


  • Fixed Odds – Machine Gun


  • The Epicurean – Fusion Rifle


  • Lingering Dread – Grenade Launcher


  • New Purpose – Pulse Rifle


  • Stormchaser – Linear Fusion Rifle


  • Unforgiven – Submachine Gun


  • Heartshadow – Exotic Sword


  • Mandate of Strength – Exotic Ship


  • The Deepest Truth – Emblem


All rewards are subject to RNG. We don’t guarantee a specific item will drop in this listing.




  • Power Level 1550+ for Normal

  • Power Level 1580+ for Master

Play Options:


  • Account Recovery: A pro booster will play on your account to complete the activity.


  • Carry: You will play with our team at a scheduled time.