Dead Man’s Tale


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Dead Man’s Tale


The Dead Man’s Tale is an Exotic Scout Rifle that is now obtainable through Xur.


The quest is started by finding the distress signal inside the Arm’s Dealer Strike and defeating the Cabal boss inside the new room that is open. Once done then the mission will be unlocked.


We will complete the mission for the first time around to unlock the Dead Man’s Tale. After it has been cleared on normal then the Master will be available. You can head over to the Presage mission service to get the Master mode done.


This is the first lever-action exotic weapon in Destiny history. Also, this weapon can be farmed for the perfect roll on the perks. 


Weapon Perks:


  • Cranial Spike: Precision chaining hits grant extra damage and faster reload speed.

  • Transformative: The first drop doesn’t have an extra perk but all additional drops give you a random roll.



  • Dead Man’s Tale Exotic Quest completion. 



  • “Account Recovery” A professional logs onto the account to complete the activity.



  • Power Level 1260+

  • Beyond Light