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The Adored is a legendary sniper rifle that is obtained through the ritual weapon quest in Season of the hunt.


This quest can be completed by doing Strikes, Crucible, or Gambit.


The fastest way is through strikes is what we would choose but if you have already picked up the quest then we will do it with the activity chosen. Since it’s a ritual weapon it will come fully masterwork.


Also, an Ornament can be unlocked for the Adored, this can also be done with any of the 3 activities which basically all require a decent amount of kills.


Our team can complete the Adored quest for you and unlock the Ornament if you choose to add it on.


Weapon Perks:


  • Accurized Rounds

  • Hammer-Forged Rifling

  • Triple Tap or Killing Wind

  • Vorpal Weapon or Snapshot sights


As you can see the Adored sniper can be a very good choice for both PVE and Crucible. It has Vorpal Weapon for increased damage on bosses and triple tap to have rounds returned to the magazine.


Then for Crucible, you have Snapshot sights to aim fast and Killing Wind which gives you increased mobility, range, and handling for a short duration. These easily compete with the Beloved and is a good all-around weapon.




  • Adored Sniper quest completion.



  • “Account Recovery” A professional logs into the account to complete the ritual weapon quest.



  • Beyond Light DLC

  • The quest must be unlocked for us to complete it.



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