Titles and Triumphs

Get any Triumph completed in Destiny 2 to obtain Titles and Score.

You will be able to keep the standard title forever in-game. A title can be equipped in the triumphs section under Seals. It will display the name of the Title using text on the character inspection menu and above your character’s head.

A Gilded Title resets at the end of each season but will still display a number of seasons you obtained gilded for that title.  Gilded Titles are gold while the standard Titles are purple. You have to obtain the standard title first before being able to obtain the Gilded Title.

Seasonal Titles are only available to obtain during the expansion of when the season is released while others are here to stay.


Risen Title: Complete the Season of the Risen Triumphs.

MMXXI Title: obtained by completing all listed triumphs in Moments of Triumph 2021

Vidmaster Title: Complete all 30th Anniversary Triumphs.

Deadeye Title: Complete all Deadeye Triumphs to claim the Title

Flawless Title: Complete all Flawless Triumphs to claim the Title.

Conqueror Title: Complete all Grandmaster Triumphs.

Unbroken Title: Complete all Crucible Triumphs.

Dredgen Title: Complete all Gambit Triumphs.

Splintered Title: Complete all Beyond Light Triumphs.

Fatebreaker Title: Complete all Vault of Glass Triumphs.

Descendant Title: Complete all Deep Stone Crypt Triumphs.

Harbinger Title: Complete all Triumphs for Shadowkeep.

Enlightened Title: Complete all triumphs for the “Garden of Salvation” raid.

Cursebreaker Title: Complete all Dreaming City Triumphs.

Rivensbane Title: Complete all “Last Wish” Raid Triumphs.