Dungeon Boost

Destiny 2 dungeon boost is where we carry you by recovery, or you play with us to complete the dungeon for the loot.

A new dungeon will be released every other season, so stay tuned.

Dungeons are a three-person PVE activity introduced to the game with the Forsaken expansion. Duality, Grasp of Avarice, Prophecy, Pit of Heresy, Shattered Throne.

These are like many raids that can be looted for weapons and armor. Sometimes there is even an exotic tied to the dungeons. They also feature bosses and mechanics that require a skilled team with coordination to complete.

Dungeons can also be done solo and flawless for exclusive emblems and other rewards. The master difficulty has now come to Dungeons for even better loot. Like raids, Dungeons run on a weekly reset where they can only be looted once per week for each character.