Outriders Campaign, Expeditions, Leveling, Classes, and More.


Outriders is a brand new Co-Op looter shooter game, that you can play by yourself or with up to two friends.  The game takes inspiration from previous games of this sort, such as Division, Diablo, and Destiny. Although the biggest difference with Outriders is its fresh new take on the dystopian science fiction genre, which bases the game completely on a different planet by the name of Enoch. The game is based in a far future where Earth is becoming almost completely uninhabitable for mankind. So, a part of humanity leaves for outer space in search of a new home. It’s ironic how they showcase the planet as being absolutely gorgeous, untouched by anything mankind, and full of its wild visceral beauty. However, as soon as humans arrive they start chopping down trees, running the trees and wildlife over with their huge outriding cars, and eventually doing something that leads to the actual setting of the game. The setting is gorgeous, with beautiful graphics that would make your jaw drop. While it does have some locations that look dull, and reminiscent of older Halo games, most of the open areas are breathtaking to look at.


After facing a scripted spoiler event in the game, our character becomes Altered. Which essentially means that they get some unique powers. Now the powers themselves are the real meat of this game, it’s looter shooter quality isn’t the greatest but the four different classes which offer additional skills and abilities are what makes this game such a fun ride. You have four different classes in the game; Devastator, Pyromancer, Technomancer, and Trickster

DEVASTATOR: The Devastator is the DPS/Tank class in Outriders. This class’s main purpose is to inflict and tank as much damage as possible so that the other classes can do their job effectively. Most of the Devastator’s job is to deny area and distract the enemies so that the rest of the squad can take positions and attack. This tanky behemoth class’ skill tree involves offers a ton of damage absorption, and area of effect damaging abilities. Players can pick and choose out of the plethora of abilities that this class has which gives them a choice to play the class either aggressively or in a defensive manner.

PYROMANCER: This is a completely mid-ranged class. The best thing about Pyromancers is that they heal whenever their enemies are burning. This class is kinda overpowered when it comes to crowd control. They can single-handedly dish out a ton of damage from their Area of Effect attacks while constantly self-healing through their Pyromancy. Pyromancer is definitely the best class to pick if you’re playing the game solo, but it can also be super helpful if you’re playing with a bunch of Technomancer mains!

TECHNOMANCER: Technomancer is the most proper support class that you can find in the game. This is a long-range class that has a focus on dishing out damage from afar while also healing allies. They have a bag full of equipment that they can throw down onto the battlefield to assist their allies, such as deployable turrets and healing stations. This class is also quite efficient when playing solo, because of their ability to deal damage from afar while also being able to heal themselves.

TRICKSTER: The Trickster is by far the coolest class in the game. They are close-range assassins, and they have the ability to manipulate space and time. Their abilities let them teleport from one part of the level to the other, this is how they blink behind enemies and take them out one by one. They dish out heavy damage and have a ton of stunning capability. This class is by far the most difficult to master, it’s all about timing while playing Trickster. If you have no abilities available, the survivability goes down very much.


There are a ton of different resources that players will be gathering in this game. Such as Iron, Leather, Titanium, Shards, and Scrap. These materials play a huge role in crafting and upgrading. Players can also sell items for scraps, or they can dismantle owned gear to create these resources. Gear in Outriders has 4 different attributes; Firepower, Anomaly Power, Armor, and Health. Each time you level up, it increases your maximum health and your anomaly power. Each weapon in the game has a Firepower attribute, while each armor piece has an Armor attribute. The stats available in the game are listed below:

  • Firepower: The more Firepower attributes your weapon has, the more damage your character will dish out.
  • Anomaly Power: This attribute increases your melee and skill damage as well as your status effect.
  • Health: Self-explanatory this one, the more the merrier.
  • Armor: This attribute decreases the amount of damage you take per hit.


The game feature four different weapon classes: assault, shotgun, sniper, and sidearm. Each player has three different weapon slots from the get-go. One is for the primary weapon which can be anything but a pistol or revolver. Other is the secondary weapon with the same conditions as the primary weapons. Lastly, it’s a side-arm such as pistols or revolvers.

In the early game, the higher your weapon damage is the better. However, the stats listed below come into play the more you level up.

  • The level of a weapon determines its efficiency, usually, the higher-level weapons are better.
  • Clip Size is how many bullets you have before having to reload.
  • Reload is essentially the time it takes to reload a gun.
  • Rounds Per Minute (RPM) is the fire rate.
  • Damage (DMG) is obviously the amount of damage your gun does.
  • Critical Multiplier (CRIT MULT) is the amount of damage you get on a critical shot, such as a headshot.
  • Accuracy means less difficulty in hitting your shots.
  • Stability determines the amount of recoil or weapon sway you face.
  • Range determines the distance and damage drop-off on longer distances.



The main campaign focuses on the story of Outriders. These are large story missions with giant set-pieces and cinematics. Focusing on the main story is the best way to upgrade and level up within this game.


Campaign Side Quests are quests that are available to you that aren’t part of the story, however they do influence the story. These quests offer a lot of XP and gear but not as much as the main campaign. They also provide lore about the game’s world and characters. They are often interconnected to the main campaign, doing these quests can change how your campaign will unfold.


These are quests that you can take up any time in the game. They will start unlocking as you progress through the story.

  • HUNT: These quests focus on tracking and eliminating different types of beasts that live on Enoch.
  • HISTORIAN: Search for artifacts from Earth and bring them to Madame Beauvoir in Rift Town for rewards.
  • WANTED: A contractor in the location known as Trench Town, is giving out bounties for dangerous criminals. Track down the markers and collect the bounties.


Expeditions are post campaign content. These missions throw you up against the most difficult adversities on Enoch. These expeditions featured no recycled content and are often large missions of their own. They feature unique set-pieces and challenges of their own as well.

The higher challenge tier on the maps you expedite will give you an increased chance of getting higher rarity gear drops. More so, if you take less time in completing the expeditions on the Gold timer, it will grant you even more drops as a bonus.

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