Trials of Osiris Is Returning!

Fall 2020 is anything if not an exciting time for gamers. And it isn’t just next-gen consoles we’re talking about, either.

With the release of Destiny 2’s latest expansion, Beyond Light, coming up on November 11, talk is turning now to some of the specific new mechanics Bungie is planning on implementing in their latest addition to the expanding Destiny universe.

But we’re not talking about a new gameplay mechanic today. Instead, we’re talking about the return of an old classic but in a slightly tweaked format that not only makes it more appropriate for Destiny 2 but also incorporates it into the various changes coming with Beyond Light. Of course, we’re talking about nothing less than the return of Adept Weapons. If you’re wondering how Bungie plans on integrating this mechanic into Destiny 2, or you just want to know how they differ from normal weapons, read on to find out.

First, though these are a callback to the days of the original Destiny, Adept weapons will not deal elemental damage in addition to their already impressive stats. In Beyond Light, Adept weapons will be all about upping a player’s stats. On top of that, Bungie has outlined a somewhat challenging process for obtaining them. To obtain an Adept weapon, players must complete a Flawless Trials card at the end of which the flawless chest will give a player a guaranteed chance to receive one of these Adept weapons. In addition, these Adept weapons will be available on a bi-weekly basis while the mods will be on a weekly basis.

In order to keep things interesting, players will be incentivized to undertake multiple runs in order to farm different rolls on the adept weapons. Any mods that the player gets will be for Adept weapons they have already unlocked, a system that should help players avoid “wasting their time” getting mods for a weapon they do not have. Mechanically, Adept weapon mods will function in a very similar way to Masterwork weapon stats.

Looking ahead, Bungie promises to balance any new (or returning) features with the existing core gameplay. Sticking to their promise that the game would never be all about grinding, the devs stress that new features will continue to be developed in close collaboration with the game’s community moving forward just as it has in the past. In fact, the developers are anticipating that many past players will return to Destiny 2 in order to experience the Beyond Light expansion and they have prepared accordingly.

While no one is shying away from the marketing that touts this latest expansion as a new era for the game, no one wants current or former players to be left out in the dark.

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