Deep Stone Crypt Coming Soon!

Destiny 2 Beyond Light – The Deep Stone Crypt

As the fourth year of Bungie’s otherworldly FPS series Destiny 2 looms large, that means so does an obligatory expansion for the series. This usually means more strikes, raids, exotics, and lore and on this occasion, it’s no different. However, we are going to be focusing on the new raid that is coming to the series, giving you the lowdown on what to expect, when it’s coming, and why you might just want to enlist our Destiny 2 Level Boosting services to ready yourself for the challenge. Here is our guide to Destiny 2: Beyond Light’s new raid.

What is the New Raid In Destiny 2: Beyond Light

The new raid we are set to receive will take place deep below the frozen tundra of the Icy moon, Europa. The new raid titled ‘The Deep Stone Crypt’ will play host to an army of enemies using the power of darkness to defeat you. Plus, it will undoubtedly play host to lots of loot and a behemoth of an ultra enemy that will try and spoil the party by any means necessary. Aside from that, we don’t know too much about the content of this raid but it promises to be interesting nonetheless.

When Are We Getting The New Raid?

We had assumed that Bungie would offer a short window for players to advance in power level before dropping the new raid. However, it seems that they have been more than generous to players, offering a whole eleven days between the expansion launch and the raid launch. That means that we will receive this content on the 21st November 2020 and this will be specifically at 10 am Pacific time and 1 pm for all European players.

Contest Mode

A consideration for players when attempting this raid in the first 24hrs of launch will be the contest mode. This will cap the player at 20 power below each encounter, meaning that it will be a much more challenging endeavour for the first while. So as a team, you’ll be capped at 1230, with any further advancement not registering. So if you’re getting yourself equipped for the raid from the 10th November 2020, remember that 1230 is ideal.

Here We Go Again

We all love raids in Destiny 2. Whether it’s the team comradery, the challenging gameplay or the dopamine rush of getting that piece of exotic loot. So we can only assume that you will be jumping into this one head first on 21 November 2020. If you are though, why not consider allowing one of our pro players to get you right up to speed and ready for the challenge ahead. We offer competitive deals and excellent offers on all of Destiny 2 level boosting service, so be sure to check us out and be completely ready to take on The Deep Stone Crypt.

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