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Loot Services specializes in Destiny 2 services.

Our team is focused on helping gamers get loot worldwide. We have six years of experience and plenty of reviews to show we are here to improve your life.

We genuinely enjoy Destiny 2 and helping players get their hands on the loot they otherwise couldn’t obtain. Our professional team will get you the gear without using cheats, hacks, or exploits.

Steps to Order our Destiny 2 Services:

  1. Choose the services that you would like done.
  2. Select platform and character, then choose between a carry or account recovery.
  3. Then you can pay with either PayPal or Stripe, the most secure payment processor.
  4. You have the option to leave login info in order notes, or we will be in contact with you shortly after to provide you updates.

Security is our highest priority.

Our boosters at Loot Services mainly prioritize your account’s safety when processing orders. Our services consist of Account Recovery and Carry options.

These are the steps we take to protect an Account Recovery:

  • Our pros must use a gaming VPN to ensure the IP is disguised and not throwing up any red flags. VPNs have always been used with these types of gaming services.
  • Your profile will appear offline to prevent friends and family from seeing your activity.
  • We will never check, read, or respond to messages on your account.
  • No items will be dismantled without your approval.
  • Once complete, we will remove the account from our console.

We recommend changing your password after a service order is completed.

Our boosters are experienced in making recoveries daily, which has never resulted in a ban.

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